Moved In – Hello Greenpoint!

September 12, 2010 § 1 Comment

I just moved into my new apartment in Greenpoint! I absolutely LOVE this place and feel very blessed. We took Moonchi to the Greenpoint farmer’s market at McCarren park earlier today and she was a big hit, winning hearts of many young girls 🙂

I’m still in the process of decorating. I used to be very inpatient when it comes to building a new home. But this time I’ve decided to take my time and really find the right items for this space before purchasing everything from Ikea.

The kitchen, however, is high on the decorating list:

Day #2:

Day #11:

Got myself a new Le Creuset stock pot as a new home treat:

Shawn brought me lilies at night:

Moonchi enjoying the empty living room:

Unlike the previous crazy moves I was unfortunate enough to experience in New York since 2004, this move was surprisingly Zen. Shawn and I decluttered earlier in the spring that made packing easier. Declutter is better than an hour spent with your therapist in my opinion. We dragged bags of clothes that reminded me ups and downs of my early twenties all the way to Salvation Army, hoping they would do some good. I finally filled boxes of old documents that in a way recorded my search for maturity. Filing is surprisingly empowering.

Since I won’t have internet until the 15th, I’m blessed with more time to read and watch movies.

I started reading “Disgrace around 10am, and for few attempts I tried to put it down to eat, watch movies, shopping for a new soy candle and hand soap, cook. I succeeded in doing all that. Then at 3:30am, I’m still up reading the book. I have to say since “The Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao“, I haven’t read a book so engaging for the past 5 years. It’s truly a masterpiece. Chilling. Makes me feel sick at thought of putting it down.

I also watched Antonioni’s “L’Avventura” again.

This time with an audio commentary from film historian Gene Youngblood. It was like being in a master directing class. Antonioni, how I wish I was smart enough to learn more from you three years ago!


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  • balancejoyanddelicias says:

    your kitchen is lovely~~~ I’d decorate my kitchen first if i move to a new place too. it’s soooo important!

    I’m checking the book now.. sounds like a worth reading. 🙂

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